About KelsC.

After fifteen years in management consulting and traveling for work I’m still excited when my status results in upgrades. Spending so many nights in one hotel chain I once bought their entire bedding package to make it feel like I was always at home: box spring, mattress, sheets, pillows, shams, and comforter.

A native Texan and a Texas A&M business school grad I started my consulting career with Epic (the Healthcare tech company) in Madison, WI in the middle of a long, cold winter.  Talk about needing a whole new wardrobe! Since then, I’ve worked across the healthcare and oil & gas industries with consulting firms including Alvarez & Marsal, Sagacious Consultants, and Accenture.

I enjoy building companies (both my own and others – hence the career in consulting) and I own KelsC. Consulting – a consultancy focused on building high performing organizations, teams, and leaders.

Many years ago, I sublet my Houston apartment for three months so I could ski winter weekends in Park City, Utah, and in 2018 I made Park City my home base and loved the outdoor lifestyle. In 2022, I returned to Houston to focus on launching new ventures, and in pursuit of some new goals.

All my best,

To learn more about Kelsey, visit KelseyCreveling.com

Outfit Details: Blazer: Elie Tahari Dress: Diane von Furstenberg Earrings: Pearls, purchased from antique heirloom jewelry store – Houston Necklace: Pearls, Christmas gift from sister found at Houston resale store – The Guild Shop Bracelets: David Yurman, 25th birthday gift from parents, Hermes – gift Ring: Personal Design (Sunflower) Created by: Ronny Barnea –  Jewelry on 5th Perfume: Black Saffron by Byredo Glassware: Custom Design by Crystal Imagery

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