Classically Capable

 Black & White… is there anything more classic? Not in the corporate world.

This outfit is comprised of several foundational pieces, some of which have been in my wardrobe since I started working (skirt, blazer) while other pieces I’ve added / upgraded through the years (bag, coat).

  • Black Pencil Skirt – Found at a resale shop when I first started working.
  • Black Blazer – Found at the same resale shop. It isn’t actually a full suit with the skirt, but they go well together, and I wear each as separates a lot too.
  • White Button Up – Found just a few weeks ago at a cool shop in Nola (UAL) one of my friends in consulting introduced me to. I’m always looking for new white button ups; they wear out fast. No matter how neat and put together I work to be… I manage to spill a lot.
  • Black Bag – My favorite work bag, and everyday staple. I upgraded my older bag in 2014 to celebrate signing a new marquee client (you have to treat yourself for big work accomplishments as no one else will), and it’s been with me ever since. Holds my laptop, is super durable, and fits under an airplane seat. Plus it has zippered closures, can tighten down on the sides if you aren’t carrying a laptop and are going out after work, and has a cross body strap.
  • Black Heels – Purchased these in 2010 when my older work heels died on me (and my cobbler told me they weren’t worth saving… I’d found them new at a resale shop in San Francisco while still in college and they were really good looking). While I paid full price for these, they have been on every work trip and in every important meeting since. They’ve been resoled 4-5x and are probably just a few dollars per wear at this point – well worth the investment. And because they are well made, have never given a blister / are actually quite comfortable to wear – I’ve run through a lot of airports in them (only when client meetings run long and I’m late for a flight, otherwise I do like to change before traveling…).
  • Black Coat – Purchased on Michigan Ave in Chicago after showing up for a work trip / conference in May ’15 and found it freezing; decided it was time to have a classic trench in my wardrobe, and that given a few recent client successes was worth the splurge. I now wear it all the time (perfect in spring and fall when heavier coats are too much, but something is still needed – especially great while traveling when weather and plane temperatures are unpredictable).
  • Sunglasses – Found these at a small New Orleans boutique years ago (fall ’15) before anyone had ever heard of the brand. Love them.
  • Pearl Necklace – My sister gifted these to me one year for Christmas. We challenged each other to find presents under $50, and she uncovered these at a great Houston resale shop – The Guild Shop. I’ve worn them with every work outfit since. They’ve been restrung once and are currently in need of a new clasp.
  • Pearl Earrings – Found at a Houston heirloom jewelry store (which will remain nameless because the woman who owns it was awful when I had issues with the posts coming unglued). They are now maintained by my jeweler in Houston – Reiner’s, who I learned of from a colleague in the consulting industry. I wear them every single day for work – studs only in the professional space.


All my best,


Outfit Details: Skirt: Jenne Maac Shirt: Assembly Label Blazer: Antonio Melani Shoes: Christian Louboutin Coat: Burberry  Necklace: Pearls Earrings: Pearls Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA –  JEWELRY ON 5TH  Sunglasses: Krewe  Watch: Apple by Hermes Bracelet: Hermes & David Yurman Purse: Prada Perfume: Black Phantom – “Memento Mori” by Kilian


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