Colorfully Capable

When the temperatures are ‘calor’ (that’s hot in Spanish),wear color and you’ll look cool.

While I usually advocate for wearing neutrals, and spend most of my time in black, it can be fun to throw a pop of color into the mix especially during summer on less formal days.  

I found this blazer last summer and fell in love, and while I can’t wear it often because it is so bright and memorable, it is a great non-basic when you’re ready to expand your blazer collection. It looks great with white, black, and other colors. Here I’ve paired it with white dress pants I wear all summer, and a purple and white striped button up I’ve had in my wardrobe for years (I found it on resale several years ago). As this dress shirt is also quite colorful it doesn’t get as much wear either, but I like the energy the strong color and stripes gives to a summery outfit.

All my other accessories are wardrobe staples that I wear all the time.

And, the touch of Español is because I’m finally making myself learn – after 7 years of taking Spanish in school and never being able to speak any of it I’m immersing myself as much as possible. I changed my phone’s native language to Spanish (that was really interesting when I went to configure all the new Nest products I had installed in my house this past week – and had to do it all in Spanish!), I’m speaking to my dog in Spanish, I’m listening to TED Talks and music in Spanish, and any TV I watch has to have the Spanish subtitles on so I’m reading in Spanish. Wish me luck – es muy dificíl!  

Choose strong colors considerately, and you’ll come across as capable.

All my best, 

Outfit Details – Blazer: Rag & Bone PantsMichael Kors Blouse: Ralph Lauren  Belt: Hermès ShoesJimmy Choo Earrings: Pearls SunglassesKrewe Bracelet: Hermès, David Yurman Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA – JEWELRY ON 5TH  Purse: Prada Perfume: Prada Candy

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  1. Gabrielle


    I just wanted to say how much I love your shirts and the fact that you pop the collars (I do too ALL the time), is just awesome – you don’t see enough popped collars on women these days, sigh.

    • Kelsey Creveling

      Thank you so much! Love a good popped collar!


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