Confident Consultant Classics

Didn’t you know I always* wear black.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

*Almost always…  

Classic and Professional, Conservative and Tailored, Confident & Striking; Black does it all, and is the notorious consultant uniform.

Black is foundational, you can never wear too much of it, and it’s always appropriate – especially in consulting where we need to be polished and professional but often understated.

When living out of a suitcase, a base color that allows everything to work together is imperative – can’t check a bag.  Plus when living in hotels off of expensed food, and limited gym time, it’s often the only color that fits (its slimming kindness is not to be overlooked!).

You may be wondering why the emphasis on winter looks in April (disclaimer this was shot in January)… however now is the best time to begin planning your fall and winter wardrobe – you have time to shop and have alterations completed, there is lots on sale, and people are spring cleaning and sending items to resale shops.

As for this look, I am regularly in this or something similar onsite with clients… I wear a lot of black, and many of the pieces are quite well worn – amortize cost over time.   Found the dress on deep sale (it has pockets!) at Neiman’s years ago for my first job out of college that required I wear all black – I’ve worn it so many times the tag has fallen off – still looks great. The jacket is actually part of a full suit, but I often wear it alone – I’ve had it since 2012.

The oldest part of the outfit is my coat – my parents got it for me when I was 12ish for maybe $100 for our first trip overseas – somehow it still fits and looks great – at some point I may have the lining redone and buttons replaced – but I love the cut, it fits well over suit jackets, and is plenty warm. My bag is my primary go-to work bag. I treated myself to the upgrade in 2014 after landing a big client engagement – holds a 13 in laptop and has been on every business trip since… it’s earned its value.

The boots are what I go to in winter when I want a heel but don’t want to be in stilettos or flats. Sunglasses were a Christmas gift from my mom – she claims I’m hard to shop for, so I’ve received some awesome sunnies through the years! Neck warmer is one of my favorite winter accessories, and the gloves are a necessity if you want to keep your skin unscathed from all the dry winter months!

You don’t always need everything to be new to be well dressed. This outfit shows that wardrobe classics are always confident.

Outfit Details: Dress: Premise Blazer: Theory Shoes: J.Crew Coat: Marvin Richards Neck Warmer: Overland Gloves: Overland Necklace: Pearls Earrings: Pearls Sunglasses: Chanel Bracelet: Hermès Purse: Prada Perfume: Gucci Guilty

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