Corporate Confidence

The black sheath dress – makes it easy to be confident in corporate settings with it as an outfit’s foundation.

This is actually my second black sheath dress – the first I wore on every work trip for years (I also have it in grey) – it went with everything – and could be dressed up with a black blazer to be very formal, or down with a cardigan. I loved it. The back pleat finally gave up (and I even had it repaired to get additional mileage out of it before finally conceding defeat).  After searching for the better part of a year (as the original designer wasn’t making it in the exact same style – new versions had shoulder pads or front slits which I didn’t want), I finally found a new comparable version this spring. It’s already been worn enough to make the cost amortization per wear very reasonable, by the time I’m done with it – it will be pennies a wear.

I found the blazer this spring and loved it – the double-breasted buttons elevate and provide a militaristic nod a la Claire Underwood Season 6.  It also looks great with pants and a white blouse for more casual days.

The coat I found on an end of season sale at a local boutique near my house – they were running a buy one / get one sale and I snagged this along with an awesome long cardigan for the same price – both perfect for this mid-season where a full coat is too much, but a lighter option is still necessary – especially in the northern climates where  I spend a lot of time.

My dress, blazer and coat are all from this season and will be in my closet for years – my shoes, bag, jewelry and sunglasses are staples I’ve had for a very long time and they round out this corporate look.

The linchpin of an effective corporate wardrobe – the black sheath dress, will certainly wear out before it ever goes out of style, and is always confident and corporate.

All my best,




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