Creative Contemplations

Sometimes we create other times we contemplate. Both of which benefit from creative consideration, and color.

For years I lived in black, grey, and a bit of white – the only colors that worked well together while living out of a suitcase. Slimming, stain resistant and always professional, they culminated my closet.

During that time, I worked for others, unconsciously killing myself to build their dreams. When I founded my own consulting practice in May 2016, color crept into my life.

7 years later, with complete control over my career, clients, and closet, color and casual clothing compilations are consciously condoned.

Creation is really hard – bringing an idea into reality is something few dare to complete, constantly caught up with all the other causes competing for their consideration. And yet, when we pursue it – we clear our minds of the thoughts that continue to culminate. That clearing creates space for continual concepts – which over time become more concrete and complex.

For this creative clothing composition in which I feel far more capable to create than when in a suit – I paired a favorite sweatshirt style pullover top with some casual jeans, and a fun pair of stilettos. While still monochromatic in nature – the cut of the top confers comfort, yet the additional components convey confidence. Perfect when co-working sans clients and when creativity is necessary to construct new creations.

Challenge yourself to create – it’s a capability just like every other competence that requires constant training.

What’s Possible, Do More.

All my best,



Outfit Details: Top: Frank & Eileen Jeans: AG Jeans Shoes: Valentino Clutch: Prada Earrings: Turquoise Family Heirloom Gift Bracelet: Purple
Bangle – Resale Ring: Turquoise Family Heirloom Gift, Jewelry on 5th Sunglasses: Le Spec

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