Enough About Just Me…

When planning the The Consultant’s Closet, I always knew I never wanted it to all be about me, but rather to serve as a forum for attire inspiration for those seeking professional wardrobe guidance while highlighting other careers and wardrobes in the industry.  

However, launching this while using my own limited capital for funding meant I needed to start with what I had immediate access to – me. And so, photoshoots featuring my wardrobe commenced – which was uncomfortable as I typically do not photograph particularly well. Fortunately, my cousin (a great sports photographer) was up for the challenge to enter a new realm of photography. And The Consultant’s Closet launched this past April, so far showcasing winter, spring and summer attire option inspiration.

But, enough about just me. This past July afforded the opportunity to host an open photoshoot for Chicago based consultants willing to share their consulting careers while discussing their wardrobes.

We spent a day at Conrad Chicago taking headshots, conducting interviews, and shooting outfits with those that elected to join us.

I am so grateful to the individuals who were open to the experience and I’m thrilled to begin highlighting their profiles on the site next week. Hopefully being able to read about their diverse consulting backgrounds, experiences, and wardrobes will begin to illustrate the importance of dressing well for the workforce, and will showcase how looking appropriate for the office is age, gender, body type, personal style, and career level agnostic.

To further support this goal, I’m ecstatic to announce the upcoming launch of The Dress CodeA Digital Guide for Curating Your Professional Wardrobe.  Under final review and editing, The Dress Code will be available for purchase later this month – featuring the dress code for the office, the basic pieces you need in your wardrobe, and the key outfits that comprise the different formalities of workplace attire. In addition, purchase of The Dress Code will provide access to a resources section of the website which will be frequently updated with wardrobe planning worksheets, shopping guides, recommendations, and how-to’s. I’ve always believed in the importance of dressing well, especially in the workplace where we earn our living – and as a result am very excited to share the tools, resources and recommendations necessary for curating a stellar professional wardrobe with you all.

Should you have a career you’d like to see featured on the site, or a workplace wardrobe you want to see profiled – please let us know. We’re starting to plan photoshoots in other cities for later this fall and next year, and we can’t wait to share others’ stories.

Thank you for your support thus far!

All my best,

Pictured: Kelly BishopDeloitte Digital | Dawn MitchellCromford Health | Baye TilsonAccenture | Andrew NybergAccenture | Kim HangocStrive Consulting


Acknowledgements: Kiffer Creveling – for traveling to Chicago to support the photoshoot, Baye Tilson – for traveling from Houston to support the photoshoot, and be a part of the profiles, Erin Hutchinson – Blue Heeler Arts – for all the graphics and promotional materials, along with website and post design, Svetlana Leonteva – Lalana Arts – for The Dress Code illustrations, and to Conrad Chicago, and especially Alexandra Foster for facilitating a great location with outstanding service. 

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