Formidable For Fall

Face it, Fall is here (even if it won’t be official till Sept 23), and it’s time to get ‘back to work’ and focus on forming your fabulous future.

So, for the days when you need to be at your most formidable for formal functions, find focused feature pieces and use them to form a fabulous framework for your future. All alliteration aside… there are times when you have to be fearless in pursuit of your dreams and having the wardrobe pieces to support your efforts is paramount to providing the confidence necessary to advance in the ways you so desire. Whether you’re fresh out of college and finding your first job, or you’re fielding fiery client concerns – sometimes you need a very formal outfit.

In those instances – selecting dark, well-tailored, classic pieces will help project polished power (even if you’re having to fake said confidence because it’s not yet innate). Knowing what outfits in your wardrobe make you feel your absolute best ensures when you have those type of days – you already know what to wear. Searching for a powerful outfit the night before a big meeting is not how you want to be preparing – especially as things often need tailoring (if purchasing new), or don’t look as expected with other pieces. You want to ensure your go-to outfit is always ready – far in advance. Consider it your armor – for all the frightening feats you will encounter.

One of my most formidable looks is this black sheath dress I wear all the time paired with a new this season blazer I found on sale over the summer at Neiman Marcus. I especially love the shawl collar as none of my other blazers have a similar neckline. The deep navy hue of the jacket works really well with the black of the dress and accessories for a very formal, and quite frankly, fearsome frame. When I was younger, I fervently followed the adage that you can never wear navy and black together (or brown and black for that matter). While I’ll never wear all three at the same time (that might resemble a bruise) – I do quite like the combination of a rich navy with black (it’s harder to pull off as not all navys and blues look good with black – but when they do, it can be quite elegant.

Find your most fearsome fashion form and you’ll be prepared for a formidable fall.

All my best, and good luck with facing your fears as you focus on your future,

Outfit Details – Dress: Hugo Boss Blazer: Kobi Halperin Scarf: Hermès Hosiery: Natori  Shoes: Jimmy Choo Necklace: Pearls Earrings: Pearls Sunglasses: Krewe Bracelet:  Gold Bangle – gift from Mother, David Yurman Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA –  JEWELRY ON 5TH  Purse: Prada Perfume: Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford

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