Learn to Love Lobbies

Lounging in lobby’s isn’t a luxury, but rather likely for consultants. Late nights working with team members, early mornings prepping for the day’s presentations, the list goes on.

The number of hours I’ve spent in hotel lobbies is large! While not all lobbies are as lofty as Conrad Hilton Downtown New York – it’s actually open to the public and deemed an art exhibit, they are a critical component of a good hotel. If you’re working with a team, ensuring that the lobby is somewhere that you’ll be able to work long hours is important.

I evaluate hotel lobbies on a few things –

  • Layout | How is the lobby configured? Does it have power outlets, comfortable seating, tables to work from?
  • Traffic | How busy is the lobby? Are there areas where one can get out of the traffic and be able to have phone calls / meet with others?
  • Food / Snacks | Having good options for coffee, refreshments are also important. Some lobbies don’t have anything….

One lesson to remember though when working in a lobby – it’s a public space, so be VERY mindful of your discussions and behavior. You never know what competitor, vendor of your client, friend of a client, etc. is overhearing your conversations or seeing your computer – so keep your back to the wall so your computer isn’t visible, sit in quiet sections, and keep your client (or company) identifying information to a minimum.

I once had a team member come down to the lobby without pants on as a practical joke (they were protesting the fact that others wouldn’t let them go get their dry cleaning the night before…), while some found it funny, they also had clipped on their client ID badge. Someone else in the lobby saw them and reported their actions to the client – ultimately that poor decision resulted in termination. So, learn from that lesson – lobbies are not private, and while you may think something is laughable – it may also cause you to lament your actions.

For this lobby’s look I paired a navy skirt with a silk sheath blouse and a notched lapel blazer. I love this blazer’s pattern and cut. It’s a much heavier, almost flannel fabric that works well in the cold. I found it along with the skirt this winter and knew it would be a great addition to the wardrobe. Wanting to increase the volume of navy options, I love how it gives great energy while still being very tailored and appropriate.

Look through literature while lolling in lobbies so as not to laze.

All my best,

Outfit Details: Skirt: Chanel Blouse: Theory Jacket: Veronica Beard Purse: Prada Shoes: Prada Necklace: Pearls Earrings: Pearls Bracelet: Gold Bangle and David Yurman Hose: Leggs

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