Properly Prep-ared

No matter if it’s weather or presentations – planning for your day is paramount.

In order to properly prepare for the day, I keep close tabs on my calendar. At the beginning of every week, and each evening before I go to bed, I look through what is coming up, what will require pre-work, vs. what can I just attend. Making sure to pencil in time to appropriately research and plan. For some meetings – a quick scan of LinkedIn / Google is all that is needed, for others formal agendas, presentations and prep work is necessary – ensuring that you feel good going into all your interactions goes a long way towards a potentially positive outcome. What’s the saying  from Benjamin Franklin – “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – and that really applies to all aspects of life, from grocery shopping, to gym workouts, to having the right clothes, to being ready for the day’s meetings.

Early on in your career, being appropriately prepared is much harder because so much is all new, and you don’t know enough or have adequate perspective to evaluate what is really the priority – which means far more time is required to ensure you’ve done enough due diligence.

But fortunately, the more you advance in your career, the better your positioning – you know where to dedicate your time and attention, what activities will require more from you than others, and where to shift your focus. Plus, you also likely have the added bonus of being able to delegate and outsource – a major positive!

In terms of being prepared for the weather – planning ahead is equally important (especially when having to dress out of a suitcase). I always check the weather forecast for wherever I’m traveling – don’t want to show up ready for warm weather when it’s going to be cold and raining.  When prepping for harsh weather I prefer dark colors and warm fabrics – they match the atmosphere, while still keeping me warm and polished. For this winter ensemble I paired a classic sweater dress with a thick black blazer, thin belt, and boots for a preppy but professional look. I’ve always preferred the ‘preppy’ aesthetic  – from popped collars to pastels, and pearls to Polo – the aesthetic has pervaded my wardrobe through the years; probably because it is such a posh and timeless look.

I’ve had this sweater dress in my closet since my first job (over 10 years now) – I found it at a resale shop in Houston, and liked how it was light weight, and sleeveless but with a turtleneck. Having a lighter fabric and no sleeves allowed it to be paired under blazers or sweaters without the added heat or bulk of a thicker fabric. This blazer I got this winter at a resale shop in Salt Lake City – NameDroppers. As soon as I saw it, I hoped it would fit. Loving the heavy weight and classic style – I knew it would be a fabulous addition to the wardrobe. It looks great for work but would look just as good with jeans for a put together weekend outfit. When matched with my black dress boots, leather dress gloves, and a horse bit belt buckle it creates a professional equestrian posture, that I really like.

Prepare properly, and you’ll always be poised.

All my best,

Outfit Details: Blazer: The Row Dress: Liz Claiborne Belt: Hermès Purse: Prada Shoes: Miu Miu Sunglasses: Krewe Gloves: Overland Earrings: Pearls Bracelet: Gold Bangle Hose: Leggs

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