Radiate in Retro

What’s old, is new again… and vintage can provide a lot of verve.  

Found this blazer while shopping in my mom’s closet… she bought it at NM in the mid 80’s, which makes it older than I am. I love it and have for years… well before this look became ‘in’ right now (she let me keep it early on in my work career). I wear it over dresses, and blouses w/pants for work, and my favorite is with black skinny jeans w/ a T on Fridays or after hours. It’s a great blazer that always looks put together – plus it’s warm and has great pockets.

The other staple of this outfit are my boots – purchased in Denver at Nordstrom in 2010 on a 2-week client trip as a go-live present to myself. Was in the midst of wrapping up the first large project I’d managed on my own and a reward was a great way to celebrate this milestone; also thought I’d wear these all the time. And I was right, they are awesome. Always good looking, and comfortable, they’ve gone everywhere with me both for work and for fun – they dress up and down really well (and even have additional buckles that can be added around the ankle to convert them into a motorcycle looking boot – which I rarely put on; never for work), I get compliments on them regularly. They’ve been re-soled several times – I send them into my cobbler – Shoe Savers in Houston – at the end of every spring to have them refurbished for the next season. They are perfect for cold weather client climates where snow is a factor because stilettos & ice do not go great together.

While the temperatures are warming up – as I’ve mentioned before: now is the perfect time to go shopping for your fall wardrobe as everything is on sale. It’s also a good time to plan for what you need next season so that you can be well prepared once you see items that fit the holes in your wardrobe you are working to fill.

Retro when done right, will radiate confidence.  

All my best,


Outfit Details: Dress: Hugo Boss Blazer: Evan Picone for Neiman Marcus Shoes: Miu Miu Coat: MARVIN RICHARDS Gloves: OVERLAND Necklace: Pearls Earrings: Pearls Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA – JEWELRY ON 5TH Sunglasses: Krewe Watch: Apple by Hermes Bracelet: Hermes & David Yurman Purse: Prada Perfume: Gold Knight by Kilian


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