S.O.’s Soirée

Sometimes it’s not your company’s event that you need to dress for, but your significant other’s. Just like you want to represent yourself well to your colleagues, you also want to represent your S.O. well in front of their coworkers. It’s always obvious at corporate events who the ‘dates’ are that don’t know that being appropriate is imperative.

While you don’t have to be quite as professional in attire as you may be with your own co-workers, you do still want to dress modestly. Nothing low, overtly short, tight, or flashy is a good starting point.

For this event outfit I’m wearing a formal jumpsuit. I found it for a black-tie optional wedding in 2016 and love it because when not moving it looks like a gown, but then you realize it’s pants. It has pockets (love!), and with slight details (gold metal accent, slight cut out across side, asymmetrical neckline, and satin panel across the top) it has an elevated sophistication that keeps it from being boring, without being inappropriate. Paired with my favorite wrap, black clutch and black heels it makes for an elegant formal evening look. I prefer my hair up with this outfit, as down starts to look too long and messy against the length of the pants. My earrings were a Christmas gift from my parents several years ago, and I love the solid gold against the gold accents of the outfit (gold and black is my favorite color scheme).

Make smart selections to support your S.O. this season.

All my best,

Outfit Details – Jumpsuit: Halston Heritage Shoes: Prada Clutch: Mulberry Bracelet: David Yurman Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA –  JEWELRY ON 5TH Earrings: Louis Vuitton

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