Salient in Summer

While navigating the need for a work wardrobe suitable for warmer temperatures, consider wearing white.

Even though it’s not quite summer per the calendar (we’ve got to wait till June 21stfor it to be official), Memorial Day typically marks the acceptable start of wearing white (unless you live in a southern state – then it’s Easter; though it’s currently raining with a high of 63 in Park City today… not exactly hot yet!).  

In order to remain salient and suitable in summer, I like to keep the same type of pieces and outfit combinations, but swap in lighter colors and fabrics. I recognize that it can look more casual, so I’m thoughtful about when I’d wear such an outfit (ex: I’d still stick to black when meeting a new client for the first time, or when leading an executive steering committee meeting).

Here I’ve paired a classic white button up (I have several – necessary when you spill a lot) with the blazer of my navy suit – paired with white it easily transitions into summer while still making sure the outfit looks professional, and a pair of white cropped trousers. I’ve had these pants a long time – bought them originally on resale many years ago. My sunglasses were found when needing an option for a 4thof July trip in 2013.  

The belt is new this season – I used to have two work belts (one black, one cream, both skinny and inexpensive) but because they were made of faux leather, eventually wore out and had to be thrown away. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to find new options; however there aren’t great selections for women’s dress belts. Actually the last time I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, I went searching – Nordstrom, Hugo Boss, White House Black Market, Neimans, etc. – no one carried women’s dress belts. If they even had any, they were way too casual and/or colorful. I really wanted it to be nondescript and not just scream a designer. Was thrilled when I finally found a great looking understated option that’s reversible (camel and black options). The buckle is actually rose gold but goes well with gold and silver as a result. While it wasn’t an inexpensive option (it was quite pricy for a small belt), it will be in my wardrobe for a very long time.

My bag is also a new addition to my work wardrobe as of this spring and I’m loving it. It is only the second high end work bag I’ve ever purchased, and was a reward after the last year with a client and several project go-lives. With only two work bag options (black and dark brown) I felt like I really needed a lighter option that could traverse between seasons more effectively. I adore my black version of this bag, but found that they didn’t make it in the camel color in the same size – as carrying a laptop is a necessity, I couldn’t go any smaller. Fortunately, they do however make a larger size for men in the color I wanted. I opted to go up in size since I am constantly on the road for work and need my bag to carry so much. I love the added capacity; while I try not to pack more now (that would get very heavy) I do enjoy not having everything quite so full – having extra room to search for what is in the bag is helpful. It has now been on a few work trips with me and is fabulous – though it is too big to carry after work to dinner, just put a small clutch inside as there’s plenty of space now to travel with a smaller option too.

Summer heat doesn’t mean completely different looks, just focus on changing over a few pieces to cool off the whole outfit.

Wear white and saliently sail into Summer.

All my best,

Outfit Details – BlazerRalph Lauren Pants: Michael Kors  Shirt: Brooks Brothers Belt: Hermès Shoes: Gucci NecklacePearls Earrings: Pearls SunglassesGucci BraceletGold Bangle – gift from mom’s collection, David Yurman Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA – JEWELRY ON 5TH  Purse: Prada Scarf: Hermès Perfume: Eau de mandarine ambree by Hermès

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