The Dress Code EBook

A Guide to Curating Your Professional Wardrobe.


You should be building your professional wardrobe in parallel with building your career. However, most of us are not told the rules for creating a professional appearance that ensures it never gets in the way of your career growth. If you’ve ever wondered what to wear for each work setting, spent too much time trying on outfit after outfit, not being happy with any of them, or how to fit a week’s worth of outfits in one carry-on, The Dress Code is for you.

Whether you’re just getting started in your career, are aiming for that next promotion, or occupy the corner office suite, The Dress Code is your guide to ensuring you always look appropriate – no matter your age, body type, personal style, or career level.

Learn How to Maximize the Value of Your Wardrobe for Your Professional Success:

  • Build Your Professional Wardrobe from The Basics
  • Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe Investment by Making Smart Shopping Decisions
  • Learn How to Avoid the Mad Dash to Figure Out What to Wear to that Critical Client Meeting
  • Make Your Professional Appearance a Benefit to Your Work, Not a Distraction
  • Learn How to Boost Your Confidence by Presenting Your Best Professional Self

What People Are Saying About The Dress Code

" I think so many people could benefit from this guide and from Kelsey’s advice"

As a 10+ year corporate banker, I understand the importance of dressing professionally. A common practice in the banking industry is to dress more professionally than anyone else in the room. It’s fairly easy to understand what that means for men, but not a lot of people talk about what that means for women. That’s why I really enjoyed The Dress Code – it emphasizes the importance of women dressing appropriately in the professional world and really spells out exactly how to do it.

Kelsey’s user-friendly guide really walks you through how to put together a work-appropriate wardrobe that can work in a variety of workplace settings and how to maximize each item in your collection. I think so many people could benefit from this guide and from Kelsey’s advice – whether they are just starting in the corporate world out of college, or as a refresher course.

Emily Loomis | Corporate Banker

"The Dress Code is a MUST HAVE!"

The Dress Code is a MUST HAVE for all the do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks of a professional wardrobe! Great perspective. I found this E-book very helpful personally and as a stylist at a Luxury Retailer in regards to creating new, professional looks for new and current clients. Highly recommend! 

Brittany Lloyd | Stylist, Luxury Retailer

"I think every young professional woman should review this content. "

I think every young professional woman should review this content. As a tech consultant making the transition from a work from home lifestyle to being onsite 80% of the time, this information has been paramount in how I create my new wardrobe.
The talking points on why quality investment pieces will serve the wardrobe better than cheaper on trend items made me feel a lot more confident in the investments I had already started making in my attire.  Even more so, the affirmation that if you are wondering if something is borderline for the office then it is not appropriate!  That single statement fuels my decisions in creating my look four days a week while I play catch up on investment pieces.
Shaye | Consultant

"I so often feel lost in a sea of clothes when shopping "

I wanted to let you know your holiday outfit advice informed my dress decision for my holiday party. I so often feel lost in a sea of clothes when shopping so it was helpful having some guidelines to look out for so I can best present myself at the party!

Brigid | Consultant

Follow this dress code, knowing that when in observance you’ll always look appropriate – no matter your age, body type, personal style, or career level.

From high school to the real world the dress code has transitioned - from an actual rule book, to an unspoken code where too many do not know or follow the rules, not realizing the career damage that can ensue.

After 10+ years in the management consulting realm, and seeing firsthand the damage attire faux pas can have on one’s career growth I felt obligated to help educate the work force, and make the unspoken dress (and grooming) expectations more well known. Thus, the creation of The Consultant’s Closet – focused on providing wardrobe guidance and corporate attire inspiration for the professional’s lifestyle.

While department stores and designers still do not do a great job of catering to the true professional female – something I’d love to change in the future; it remains our responsibility to ensure we adhere to the unspoken corporate dress code regardless of how tough finding appropriate attire can be. To make it easier for everyone wanting to look their best in the work place, I’ve taken the liberty of writing down my interpretation of the rules that I’ve cultivated through direct experience in the highly professional client facing environment of consulting, and formalized those rules into a clear dress code you can follow.

While there are certainly variances dependent on industry, and every workplace is different, there are key basic requirements that should be adhered to if you want to appear polished and professional.


Don’t let your professional wardrobe selections damage your professional success.


Purchase of The Dress Code includes exclusive access to the site’s Resource section, containing videos detailing how to use each of The Basics worksheets and example completed worksheets.

The Purchase of the Dress Code Includes:

  • The Dress Code eBook – A Guide to Curating Your Professional Wardrobe

Comprehensive Set of Worksheets to Help You Curate Your Professional Wardrobe:

  • The Basics – Outfit Permutations – How to Build 55+ Outfits from The Basics
  • The Basics Checklist – Audit Your Closet & Identify the Basics You Need to Acquire
  • The Basics Shopping List – Create Your Shopping Plan for Building Your Professional Wardrobe
  • Weekly Outfit Planner – Plan Your Outfits for Each Work Week
  • Travel Packing List – Ensure Your Workbag and Suitcase Are Ready to Go

    The Dress Code Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: KelsC.’s Philosophy
    Chapter 2: The Consultants
    Chapter 3: The Rules
    Chapter 4: The Basics
    Chapter 5: The Outfits