Slay in Snakeskin

With September, slithering along there’s a strong need to slay your schedule and secure your success.

Short Story: It’s no secret that I have always been terrified of snakes… for most of my life just the idea of them would stop my heart and cause horrific nightmares. I refused to hike on single track trails, couldn’t handle seeing them on TV, or hearing any story that included reference to them, and I certainly wouldn’t wear any snakeskin – I always saw them as the epitome of evil.

Since relocating to Park City last summer, I knew that in order to fully enjoy my life here I’d have to overcome this fear (or at least make it a bit more rational) and as a result I’ve been working very hard to understand the terror, and turn it into an apprehension that isn’t as debilitating.

The book Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver helped. In it she describes an experience with spiders where she’s petrified but learns that they are actually supposed to be a wonderful sign from the universe. As a result, I’ve done a bit of research into the symbology of snakes and what it means when they are in your nightmares / crossing your physical path.

In nightmares it can mean (below references from this great article at Exemplore):

Fear: “Afraid of something or someone in your waking life. Dreaming of snakes can be a wakeup call for you to face your fears.”

Unconscious Anxieties: Snakes will appear in your dreams as long as your emotions are out of wack – they represent the things that cause stress, sadness or anger”.

Transcendence: A snake may also be a symbol of transcending into a higher level of consciousness.”

Knowledge and Wisdom: “In some native American or Asian cultures, snakes represent wisdom. Dreaming of a snake could mean that there is knowledge you are seeking or answer you are trying to find.”

Repressed Desires: A snake could also represent your innermost desires. If the snake bites you in your dream, it may be a wakeup call to fulfill these desires.”

Snakes are actually considered to be a powerful spiritual symbol, symbolizing – awareness, intuition, the life cycles, balance, intellect, secret knowledge, mystery, creativity, hidden fears and threats, vindictiveness, the unconscious, spirituality, changes, transitions, energy, betrayal, death, rebirth, fertility, immortality, healing and transformation.

And seeing lots of snakes in real life may indicate that you are going through a difficult emotional period in your life and beginning the process of healing. Seeing a snake could be a sign from the universe to take your life into your own hands and stop wasting time on things and people who are not worth it.

Well…. Over the last several months, I’ve seen snakes just about every single day, all garden snakes that like where I live (but I never saw any last summer…) – one day on a walk along the paved trail where I live, I saw 6 (that seems like a lot on a relatively short walk…. ).

The next day I saw 8 bunnies…. There are tons of them where I live too – hopping all over (adorable – with lots of positive symbolism as well).

And this past week – which I consider to be the biggest transformation of my fear – I walked out my front door to find a snake curled around my front door pot. Instead of trying to kill it, I just grabbed a broom and kindly asked it to relocate itself…. I also didn’t jump, or scream.

And yesterday – when one was right in my path, I just waited for him to cross, and the other who just slithered along next to us on our walk – I thanked him for being our neighbor….

Don’t get me wrong – still not going to go tangle with rattlesnake territory, nor am I going to swim with moccasins, and I’ll never ever watch Snakes on a Plane (I fly for work – those aren’t images I ever need in my brain) …. And I’ll certainly never have a boa as a pet…  But a nice garden snake isn’t going to petrify me anymore – and I’m not going to let snake night terrors ruin my sleep any longer!

And I can now wear snakeskin print without any lingering apprehensions. Found this blazer this summer while shopping at Neiman’s – I have a similar looking version in gold / orange and black that I adore for some necessary wardrobe verve, and liked how the fun print in classic colors added some structured strength to a classic wardrobe item. Also snagged the sheath shirt on sale this summer (loved it so much I got it in fuchsia too) – it’s a great wardrobe staple that I’ve already worn several times. My pants are from a few seasons ago, and I wear them steadily.

Strike out of your comfort zone to show your style, and shine in snakeskin. 

All my best,

Outfit Details – Blazer: Alice & Olivia Blouse: Theory Pants: Theory ShoesJimmy Choo NecklacePearls Earrings: Pearls SunglassesKrewe Bracelet: David Yurman Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA – JEWELRY ON 5TH Purse:Prada Perfume: Black Phantom by Kilian

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