Stun in Silk

Sometimes we stun, sometimes we’re sleep deprived – but no matter what the day brings we have to be savvy; and self-care helps!

Sitting in my hotel after 38 hours with no sleep – took a red eye in to my client last night, and went right to work and have been working since (13.5 hr work day after a full day yesterday and an overnight flight…with only a quick break to walk back to my hotel and grab some dinner at WF). Somehow I’m still functioning… though I’m not sure if my smarts right now are especially stupendous!

Still though, knowing how to practice self-care to get you through the grueling hours is super important (I quickly fall apart without sleep, so making sure I’m taking the best care of myself possible is critical). In order to remain as sanguine as possible here are all the things I did:

  • Zero alcohol or coffee for 24 hours before travel and 24 hours after
  • Limited salt intake before flight and ate a light dinner at 5 pm so I’d be on my client’s time zone food wise.
  • Flew in comfortable clothing, and wore compression socks.
  • Drank tons and tons of water before the flight, a little bit on the flight and tons after landing.
  • Wore hydration eye mask patches on the flight under my silk eye mask, and then a brightening eye mask in the car from the airport into the city.
  • Washed my hands a zillion times…. And reapplied Weleda Skin Food moisturizer to them and my face throughout the flight.
  • Used a Turtl neck wrap for the first time…. Can’t decide yet how much I like it.
  • Grabbed a bottle of Dirty Lemon – Lemon Collagen water upon landing at the airport.
  • Took Jet Ease – a natural homeopathic supplement for fighting jet lag and time zone changes – helps immensely as I really struggle with nausea, dizziness, and brain fog / headaches when I’m sleep deprived, especially when it’s travel related.
  • Ate light, but healthy food today – started with a coconut water and banana, and gradually built up from there.
  • Walked between buildings and home from the office to get as much sun and fresh air as possible.
  • Booked a ‘nicer’ hotel this week – still found a great rate, but knew that being able to check in first thing, and love the experience would go a long way to making me less miserable (surroundings are very important to me, and make a profound difference in my demeanor and general attitude).
  • Focused on only the next task in front of me instead of the entire day – made a massively full workday far less daunting!

Find your sage success tactics to make your long and difficult travel / work days less strenuous!

All my best,  and now I’m going to shutter my eyes and get some sleep!

PS – really impressed at the ability to still come up with alliteration on this little sleep!


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