Tailored in Turquoise

When your day is full of terse transactions, and you can’t be timid, trust turquoise tailoring.

Full disclosure – I love this outfit. While I’ve spent over a decade building a fabulous working wardrobe, there are few things in my corporate attire arsenal that make me feel more powerful than a black sheath dress, a fabulous blazer, killer heels and my favorite bag with accent scarf – it is my go to uniform, especially on the most formal and important of work days.

A bit of backstory – I established my company – KelsC. Consulting back in 2012 as a sole proprietorship while working for a consulting firm. At the time I was limited to 40 hour weeks and found myself with a significant amount of additional time (I had just transitioned from my first job out of college where I worked 60-90 hours/week) – so I decided to start a company focused on helping others with their career growth.

I loved the idea of supporting people working to climb the corporate ladder – even then I felt I had a keen understanding of what moves were necessary to excel and how one could accelerate their trajectory.  When I launched the business I knew branding was going to be important so I worked to develop a name I liked with a logo and color scheme that I could stand looking at  – I landed on the juxtaposition of my first and last name that actually just sounds like my first, and a color pallet that wasn’t overtly masculine or feminine but was business professional with some intrigue. I did it all myself and crafted my logo on my own (recently I finally had my logo transitioned by a professional into formats that scale for all platforms – I also turned the sole proprietorship into a formal LLC in 2016).

Since 2012, when I selected my company’s colors, I’ve had a penchant for being on brand – and since I decided I’d be launching The Closet I’ve been wanting to find a blazer in the signature turquoise – it’s a tough proposition because it couldn’t be too bright and garish, or too dark.

I finally stumbled upon this blazer unexpectedly while in Las Vegas early this summer – was on a girls trip with my mom and sister and walked into a store looking for a gift for my sister to take her boyfriend. Turned out the designer also had a women’s line (of which I had no idea!). I spotted the blazer and as soon as I saw it knew it was what I had been looking for – not only did it fit perfectly without any alterations – it is also part of their travel collection (no wrinkles and stain repellant!) – obviously I had to have it. I love how rich the turquoise coloring is, and how well it goes against a black background – it would also look great with white, navy or camel colors; pink and yellow are good accent colors too. And added bonus – the lining is fabulous as well – always love a good lining.  

My dress is the staple black sheath I wear all the time, and my scarf I added to my collection this spring (I was also looking for a scarf that was on brand and reflected the KelsC. turquoise and black colors).

You can read more about the shoes in this previous post and my bag.

Don’t temper your talent, let it thrive in tailoring, and try out turquoise.

All my best,

Outfit Details – DressHugo Boss Blazer: Paul Smith  Scarf: Hermès ShoesJimmy Choo NecklacePearls Earrings: Pearls SunglassesKrewe  Bracelet:  Hermès, David Yurman Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA – JEWELRY ON 5TH Purse: Prada Perfume: Black Orchid by Tom Ford

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