Trench Travels

Tough travel day? Try a Trench.

The classic trench coat is a must for the frequent traveler – they traverse tirelessly through thunderstorms and taxiways and always throw on easily.

I regularly travel in my trench coat – it’s the perfect weight from early spring to late fall – when the weather is questionable, but you don’t yet need a heavy winter coat. Whether it’s tossed over my shoulders or actually on is dependent on the temperature (and precipitation). Regardless, it is my favorite type of outwear – always keeping me warm on cold flights, dry on rainy days, and pulled together running between tight connections (the pockets are big so it’s easy to transport my phone).

I’ve always known I wanted a Burberry Trench Coat since I was old enough to know what one was. I keep a running list of ‘things to buy one day when I have money’ and through the years I’ve been able to cross many things off while adding others, though they’ve become less material in nature the older I get. But on that list – I definitely had Burberry Trench – I saw it as a wardrobe staple that would fill a major gap in my outwear options.

Finally in 2015, approximately 6 years into my career, I was on a work trip to Chicago in early May. Living in Houston at the time (where it is hot in May), I didn’t even check the weather thinking of course it will be warm. I landed to find it was 40’s and raining. Having no outwear for my conference the next day I saw it as the opportunity I had been looking for to treat myself to the trench coat I’d always been wanting.

I headed to Saks on Michigan, ordered a glass of prosecco (most high end retailers will let you grab a cocktail from their bar to enjoy while shopping – fun way to make the experience a bit more memorable) and proceeded to select my favorite option– trying on every one, in every size as I wanted to make sure not only was I sure about the length and cut, but also the fit – I wanted something that could easily drape over shoulders and fit with ease over suit jackets. After much debate (typical when splurging on such a big purchase) – I landed on the Sandringham fit in the extra long length a few sizes above my normal in order to make sure it could wear well over corporate attire. Sauntering out of Saks, I was thrilled – and spent the rest of the gloomy week warm and dry. It has gone with me on many work trips ever since and is very loved – so loved in fact that this past summer when I found a mid length tan and leather limited-edition version on resale at The Little Bird in Houston with the tags still on I snagged it too for the warmer months.

Paired here with my trench coat is one of my staple sheath dresses in grey with a complimentary sweater I’ve had for ever for a comfortable, yet presentable fly day outfit. I hate traveling in work clothes (wears them out fast, and is so uncomfortable), but there are times when it can’t be avoided – so when I have to, I opt for outfits that are a bit more forgiving. My shoes are my favorite flats for travel days –  I found them brand new last summer on resale, and I’ve taken them on all my warmer weather work trips since. They are super comfortable, take up almost no space if they need to be packed, and even with the elastic they actually stay on your feet unlike some similar options by other designers. While this outfit alone is not very exciting, when topped with a trench coat it becomes a pulled together travel outfit that will allow you to go directly to your client site.

Try out a trench coat for timeless travels.

All my best,

Outfit Details – DressTheory Sweater: Ann Taylor Trench Coat: Burberry ShoesChanel NecklacePearls Earrings: Pearls SunglassesKrewe BraceletHermès, David Yurman Ring: PERSONAL DESIGN (SUNFLOWER) CREATED BY: RONNY BARNEA –  JEWELRY ON 5TH Purse: Prada Suitcase: Briggs and Riley Perfume: Gold Knight by Kilian

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