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Welcome to The Consultant’s Closet – a platform focused on providing corporate fashion guidance and attire inspiration to support the need for a professional and well-tailored wardrobe.

Historically there has been a fundamental lack of great wardrobe offerings or guidelines for professionals in the business world. As a result we are left to fairly uncharted territory forging our own rules while parsing together our personal version of business outfits, while often not realizing the missteps that can inhibit our personal brand and long term growth trajectory. 

My first experience suit shopping for something to wear to upcoming interviews near the end of college took two days of hardcore searching in Houston, TX (shopping Mecca).  Since discovering the near impossibility of finding just the first piece of my professional wardrobe: a suit that fit, conveyed professionalism, was somewhat fashionable, while finally conceding, “not too over budget,” I’ve wanted an opportunity to hear from others who’ve successfully built corporate wardrobes and to share what I’ve learned over the last decade cultivating a versatile and professional wardrobe tailored to the management consulting realm.

While The Consultant’s Closet is metaphorically representative of my closet and lifestyle, my goal is for The Consultant’s Closet to become the foundational source for guidance, shopping, and inspiration to fuel a well-suited professional wardrobe and career.

We know an appropriate, well tailored, working wardrobe speaks volumes before we speak and contributes positively to the building of our personal brand of competency.  But without a common knowledge base of what a working wardrobe looks like, we are left to cobble together business outfits from limited resources and conflicting messages from fashion posts and TV shows of what work appropriate looks like (and it varies by industry, organization, and current climate – the pandemic has certainly shifted work wear!).

You may argue that dress codes are transitioning into the casual realm, so why the focus on professional attire? However, there are still many of us who wish to be dressed formally for the board room, the court room, the class room, the virtual room, or that oval room. Creating a professional wardrobe, while including more casual elements to fit your specific needs, will insure that no matter how casual you find your working environment, you will always project power, competency and appropriateness.  Be prepared no matter what room you find yourself dressing for.

So, stay with us, send us your constructive feedback, follow along on Insta (the stories will feature behind the scenes travel, lifestyle, and shopping), and let us know if you have a closet and career you’d like to share.

All my best, and cheers!




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A Guide to Curating Your Professional Wardrobe.

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As a professional, it’s important to cultivate not only your skills and knowledge but also your personal brand, and your wardrobe plays a crucial role in how you present yourself to the world. 
When you have creative genius, the best gift you can give yourself is the ability to express it - one of the most fun and creative ways being through your style!
Head to the link in bio for your copy of The Dress Code: A guide for curating your professional wardrobe.
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Everyone’s look needs a little refresh now and then, so I’m thrilled to share The Consultant’s Closet restyled website! 
Building your corporate style can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to balance style, professionalism, and affordability. It took me two days of hardcore searching to find the right suit for my first career interviews as my college days came to a close, and I’ve been on a mission to help others avoid that headache ever since.
After a decade and a half of building a versatile and professional wardrobe, tailored to the management consulting industry, my goal is for The Consultant’s Closet to become your foundational source for guidance, shopping and inspiration to fuel a well suited and professional wardrobe. 
Head over to The Consultants Closet | Wardrobe Guidance for the Consultant’s Lifestyle and let us know what you think! 
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Building a capsule wardrobe for work (especially a stylish one) can take time, effort, and money.
Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you’re already swamped, running from meeting to meeting and it’s one of those things that just keeps getting pushed down the priority list.
It can seem overwhelming, but the good news is, you can start with the basics. The basics are the foundation of any badass wardrobe.
A few simple, quality pieces can create a wardrobe that will have you looking chic and polished for every event. If you’re new to the concept, essentially, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of pieces that are designed to work together effortlessly.
Neutral Blouse
Universal Suit
Classic Heels
Functional Accessories
I gravitated toward this suit because of its versatility - a blazer, dress (with sleeves), and a skirt. It can be combined in endless ways with other pieces, allowing me to create a range of fresh looks. I found this little gem during a Spring shopping trip to Saks and it has been a total game-changer. My blouse is a classic sheath top that has been a staple in my wardrobe for ages - another piece that can be seamlessly added to almost any outfit. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be flashy or vast to work for you, there’s beauty in simplicity and attention to detail.
Link in the bio for more about how to maximize the value of your wardrobe.
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Whether you’re just getting started in your career, are aiming for that next promotion, or occupy the corner office suite, The Dress Code is your guide to ensuring you always look appropriate.
 No matter your age, body type, personal style, or career level.
While there are certainly variances dependent on the industry, and every workplace is different, there are key basic requirements that should be adhered to if you want to appear polished and professional.
With it you’ll not only get an easy-to-follow guide of all the key wardrobe basics, outfit combinations, and rules for dressing well... you’ll also receive worksheets to help you go shopping, plan your weekly outfits, and pack for your travels.
Head to the link in bio for your copy of The Dress Code: A guide for curating your professional wardrobe.
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Pleasantly Uneventful Travel ✈️🧳
While delays are the norm, I’ve spent more time in sky clubs than I care to count, and I once bought the @Marriott bed set so I’d always feel at home…
I am so thankful travel has taken quite a hiatus over the last few years. Spending time not living out of a suitcase, where I can make plans during the week is such a gift. I used to be in 2-4 cities a week most weeks of the year. And I did that for years giving up so much in the process.
While travel looks a bit different these days, I’m still grateful when it’s pleasantly uneventful!
Delays and missed connections are the norm - but how do you handle the even tougher hurdles?
Like having a plane land in the wrong city or touch down in the middle of the night.
A stalker at an airport.
Or be sexually harassed by a flight attendant.
Or even be thrown up on...
Yes, all of those things and so much more are real travel nightmares of mine from my past life as a road warrior. 
In the latest episodes of @TheConsultantsCounsel Podcast, I share my tried and true tips and tricks on making travel efficient and comfortable - especially if it's for work.
From setting up rewards accounts to what to wear for the most comfortable travel experience, to TSA PreCheck and Global Entry,  Whether you're a frequent traveler or just starting out, my new episodes can help make your trip pleasantly uneventful.
Link in bio on @theconsultantscounsel.
📸: @kiffer_creveling
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